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Your Driving School in Berlin

Welcome to the website of fahrschule berlin prenzlauer
berg your driving school in Berlin.
We are a small and individual driving school located in
northern central Berlin and have more than ten years
of experience in instructing englishspeaking students for
the german driving tests.

We do theoretical and practical classes in English.
Click on links at the navigation left to get more information
on how to get a beginners license, exchange your driving
license for a german one, on our prices, or on various
learning materials in many languages for the written test.

You are invited to call us during our buisiness hours
to discuss your specific "license problems".
Best is to read the informations provided at the
specific pages first ;-).

For the training and the test you can choose a stickshift
or an automatic car.

Please note :
If you do your driving test with an automatic car you are
only allowed to drive automatic cars.
If you do the test with a stickshift car you are allowed
to drive automatic AND stickshift cars.

               Buisiness Hours

            Tuesday     4 to 7 PM
            Wednesday 4 to 7 PM
            Thursday    4 to 7 PM
            Friday         3 to 6 PM

       Tuesday   19:15 to 20:45 h
       Thursday 19:15 to 20:45 h

We offer driving lessons at the following times

         MO : 9 - 12 AM and 3 - 6 PM (Beg. of the lesson)
         TU :  9 - 12 AM and 3 - 6 PM (Beg. of the lesson)
         WE : 9 - 12 AM and 3 - 6 PM (Beg. of the lesson)
         TH :  9 - 12 AM and 3 - 6 PM (Beg. of the lesson)
         FR :  9 AM - 2 PM (Beg. of the lesson)

         Sorry, no late hours and no lessons on weekends !

         Please note : We do not accept card payment, cash only.

fahrschule berlin prenzlauer berg
Bornholmer Str. 88 at Seelower Str.
10439 Berlin
Telephon: (030) 44 73 66 59 / (030) 44 73 73 39
Mobile : 01578 52 98 604
E-mail : info@fahrschule-berlin-prenzlauer-berg.de

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